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Saison has always been the beer for the farmers. Coming back for a limited 2017 release in partnership with The Farmer Fund. This is a traditional saison using only the finest fresh American ingredients. We take our time making this limited release beer and let the beer speak for itself.  For 2017 we DRY HOPPED our saison with some exotic Mosaic and Citra hops which have a CITRUS tropical lime flavor, perfect for early summer while still remaining everything you want is a saison: DELICATE, DRY, and FRESH.

Just like a proper saison, it is good for any occasion, and will pair with the widest variety of foods.  Some pairing include: roasted turkey, fish, steak au poivre, fresh goat cheese and rustic provincial cuisine.

5.5% ABV

24 IBU

Available May 2017

Limited edition cans and limited draft


Restraint. As you may have gathered through our other beers, we like to add stuff to beer. This is a beer we make to show our restraint. The saison is my personal favorite style of beer and one we did not approach until we brewed pretty much every other style of interest. I just respect it too much. 

This beer is everything a saison should be and that is it. This has its roots in Belgian as the saisons from this region are more of the dry and peppery variety. To make this beer, we have to use a different strain of yeast than our other beers that is much slower and pickier with temperature. It takes over twice as long to ferment than our other beers but the result is a beautiful beer with depths of flavor, all from the yeast. 



1317 Logan Circle NW
Atlanta, GA 30318



Monday - Friday 10-4 By Appointment

Tasting Hours

Thursdays: 4-8pm
Fridays: 3-9pm
Saturdays: 12-9pm
Sundays: 1-6pm

Comedy Night is the last Friday of the month

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