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Second Self Beer Company, Georgia's fast growing craft brewery located in Atlanta, GA making exciting beers designed with food in mind. Find out more about our award winning beers, tours, and where to sip into your Second Self.

Red Hop Rye


Bronze Medal Winner - Out of Bounds IPA  - US Open Beer Championship

Our flagship IPA. When you first smell the Red Hop Rye, you'll notice an abundance of HOPPY citrus aromas from our dry-hopping.  As you take your first sip, you'll notice the spicy RYE mixed with hops BALANCED by a MALTY backbone from American caramel and honey malts. These combined give the Red Hop Rye it's dark red color and BOLD flavor.  This is a great example of an American hybrid of beer, a Red Rye IPA.  

Enjoy Red Hop Rye while relaxing after work or with a dish as bold and flavorful as this beer.

Pairings include: BBQ, steak, burgers, brats, cheddar cheese, and spicy foods.

7.3% ABV
69 IBU

Limited Return Fall 2018 in Draft + Cans


Balance. This beer is a balancing act. We combined our three favorites styles of beer into one: Reds, Ryes, and IPAs in perfect harmony..

By using a large about of Rye malt (16%) we get a present spice taste when the beer first hits your tongue. From there, you'll get a wave of maltiness from the combination of caramelized malts we use to give the beer its signature red color. Both of these are balanced by a large amount of hops both in the boil and dry-hop. 

This really is a beer that goes over the top on many fronts, but it is so well balanced it doesn't feel like any one ingredient is taking over. Try it and see for yourself.



1317 Logan Circle NW
Atlanta, GA 30318



Monday - Friday 10-4 By Appointment

Tasting Room Hours

Tuesday - Friday: 3-9 pm
Saturdays: 12-10 pm
Sundays: 1-6 pm

Comedy Night is the last Friday of the month and we’ll close at 10:30

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