Second Self Beer Company

A Taste for Every Side of YOU

Second Self Beer Company, Georgia's fast growing craft brewery located in Atlanta, GA making exciting beers designed with food in mind. Find out more about our award winning beers, tours, and where to sip into your Second Self.

Our Team

Our team has grown and is the most important part of Second Self.


Chris doyle - Alechemist

Alechemist Chris Doyle brings his noteworthy brewing background to Second Self.  Equipped with brewery experience at Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery and a certificate from the renowned American Brewers Guild Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program, Doyle is excited to impart his first-class creations to the world.


jason Santamaria - Beer Architect

Beer Architect and food enthusiast, Jason Santamaria serves as the Second Self's taste ambassador and chef.  He concocts flavor profiles for each brew around a central ingredient. Jason's experience in the culinary industry as well as the financial world make him a vital part to the company’s success.


Austin Brumley - Brewer

Pictured above is a man many people would say looks like Austin Brumley. Those people would be correct, as the above picture is indeed Austin Brumley and not your bearded friend Tony or any bearded celebrity doppelgänger. Austin led a life of extreme mediocrity - scrubbing the floors singing his hymns to pass the time- until becoming a brewer. Legend has it that one day while slaving over a novice batch of home brew, the beautiful Lady of the Mash arose from the steamy cereal with a message "Hark! Boy! No longer shall ye spend countless hours of toil over thine stove for thine own frothy ale! For I, the Lady of the Mash, have summoned ye to abandon the mundane and take up the Squeegee of the Brewer! Ye shall come to fret that which you had not previously known of, and disregard that which ye assumed to be of great concern! Go forth! Ann's fetch me a beer!" And with those words he was knighted with the Brewmaster's Oar, baptized in ale, and began his life as a brewer. He still likes to brew at home and worry about home brewing things which makes him not a great listener.



A sorority girl from  gone Brewer, Zuri Coleman just about does it all. She started as a volunteer in the tasting room in April. In July she started cleaning kegs and in November she has started her transition into a brewer. Her current role is Finishing Brewer. ensuring the best product is getting out the door to you all. Her favorite beers from Second Self are the JunIPA and Thai Wheat.

In her free time Zuri spends a lot of time playing video games and hanging out with her friends in the city. She is kind of a big nerd. She also has a precious lab named Zoe.


Carey Charles - Beer Peddler

Champion beard grower & award winning home brewer. When he's not all over Georgia selling beer, drinking beer or at home making beer, he spends time with the woman he loves. Cats he likes. And dog he tolerates.


Carly Tritley - Tasting Room Manager

Love all of our guests: those wiht two feet or with four. 



1317 Logan Circle NW
Atlanta, GA 30318



Monday - Friday 10-4 By Appointment

Tasting Room Hours

Tuesday - Friday: 3-9 pm
Saturdays: 12-10 pm
Sundays: 1-6 pm

Comedy Night is the last Friday of the month and we’ll close at 10:30

Check here for Private Event details