Second Self Beer Company

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Second Self Beer Company, Georgia's fast growing craft brewery located in Atlanta, GA making exciting beers designed with food in mind. Find out more about our award winning beers, tours, and where to sip into your Second Self.

Molé Porter

Pronounced: MO-lay Porter

Our popular fall offering based on our co-founder's family recipe of the famous oaxacan sauce.  

This is our award winning chocolate porter with extra spices reminiscent of the oaxacan molé sauce.  We combine California, Pasella, and Chipotle CHILES with CINNAMONCLOVES, and COCOA nibs to create this ROBUST porter, packed with flavor to warm you up this winter.

Parings include - Pork or beef tacos, stews and chilis, gruyere cheese, and chocolate desserts. 

6.5% ABV
27 IBU

Available September - May



1317 Logan Circle NW
Atlanta, GA 30318



Monday - Friday 10-4 By Appointment

Tasting Room Hours

Tuesday - Friday: 3-9 pm
Saturdays: 12-10 pm
Sundays: 1-6 pm

Comedy Night is the last Friday of the month and we’ll close at 10:30

Check here for Private Event details