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Farmer Fund Serviceberry Saison


This beer is made in support of The Farmer Fund ( Each year we will be showcasing a LOCAL Georgia ingredient. In 2016, we used serviceberries which look similar to blueberries but are more tart and have a darker FRUIT note. We HAND-FORAGED berries in Freedom, Old 4th Word, and Candler Park and used them in the fermentation process. The result is a mild TARTNESS and subtle berry finish with an already DRY saison

5.6% ABV

24 IBU

Available August 2016

Draft Only - Limited supply

Proceeds go to The Farmer Fund (


Local. It's a popular word to use these days, but we take it pretty seriously. We did this beer because we are proud of being from Georgia, we are happy to support our local farmers, and we want to show off a unique Georgia ingredient.

When deciding what to use in our first Farmer Fund beer, we went to the markets, talked to local farmers and chefs, and found this little berry I never heard of, called a serviceberry. It is a purple-red fruit with a great balance of tart and sweet. From there, we worked with a local forager to pick as many as could be found to put into the beer. Trying to stay as local as possible, we picked them all from parks around the city. 

Wanting to be as true to the berry as possible, we used the serviceberries at the end of fermentation to not disrupt the flavor. The result is a very nice mild tartness and subtle berry flavor to the beer. 



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