Second Self Beer Company

Sip Into Your Second Self

Second Self Beer Company, Georgia's fast growing craft brewery located in Atlanta, GA making exciting beers designed with food in mind. Find out more about our award winning beers, tours, and where to sip into your Second Self.

MIG: Margarita in Gose


This beer takes goses to a whole new level. We use organic orange peels from Florida and freshly squeezed lime juice to give it the sweet-tart taste of the classic cocktail. We've also upped the salt slightly to pair nicely with the citrus. A beer that is good anytime but best enjoyed outdoors on your favorite patio.

Parings include - Braised pork al pastor, ceviche, mango salad, chips & queso, and flying inverted.

4.3% ABV


Buzzing the tour March 2018

Draft + Cans


Keeping up Foreign relations.

Beertail Recpie : Danger Zone

Fill rocks glass with ice

Add 1oz of your favorite tequila (recommended: Herradura Reposado)

Add 1/2 oz of Triple Sec or Cointreau

Stir for 10 seconds

Top with 6 oz MIG and stir gently to mix

Garnish with lime

Buzz the Tower!


1317 Logan Circle NW
Atlanta, GA 30318



Thursdays: 5-8pm
Fridays: 3-9pm
Saturdays: 12-9pm
Sundays: 1-8pm

Comedy last Monday of the month

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