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Second Self Beer Company, Georgia's fast growing craft brewery located in Atlanta, GA making exciting beers designed with food in mind. Find out more about our award winning beers, tours, and where to sip into your Second Self.

Maverick & Gose

Pronounced: MAV-er-ick & goh-ZUH


This beer arrives just in time to get your thirst out of the danger zone of the Georgia heat. Our FRESH take on a traditional Gose. In 2017 we have upped the tartness and cut back on the salt. As always, Maverick and Gose includes the addition of CORIANDER and is DRY-HOPPED with fruity Mosaic hops to balance out the slightly TART and SALTY nature of this fun beer. A beer that is good anytime but best enjoyed outdoors on your favorite patio.

Parings include - Grilled grouper, oysters, guacamole, pineapple, and beach volleyball.

4.4% ABV


Available May-September

Draft + Cans


Remember - There's one 'o' in gose, boys.

This Beer's Second Self

For those unfamiliar with the style of beer, gose, it has old roots in Leipzig, Germany. Gose's from this area are typically described as slightly salty and tart which is how we made ours. This is our take on the German-style gose and what I call a "starter sour" beer.

Dry-Hopping is what sets this gose apart from all others. This technique is not typically used in Germany, but we feel it gives the beer an American twist - because hops are awesome. We use Wakatu hops from New Zealand to give this beer a very citrusy - slightly limy - aroma. By dry-hopping we add all aroma and some flavor without any bitterness. The result, a very refreshing beer that can really quench your thirst on a hot day. 



1317 Logan Circle NW
Atlanta, GA 30318



Monday, Thursday, Friday - 6pm to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday - 1pm to 4pm

Comedy last Monday of the month

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